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Adding color to your French tips instead of always getting neutral

A French tip is one that fits on the nail and is used to create a French manicure look; is usually white and can be any shape. French tips are a good way to quickly create the French manicure look with either acrylic or gel systems because they serve as tip guides. Most nail technicians follow the French tip application with pink or clear acrylic on the nail bed.

French tips refer to the white polish on the tips of the nails, above the base of the nail which is traditionally painted in a pinkish nude tone. The look is meant to provide a more bold replication of nails’ natural colors, though today you’ll see French manicures in a wide range of shades that certainly look anything but natural.

To achieve a picture perfect French manicure, most manicurists rely on French tip guides in order to achieve as clean of a line as possible between the base of the nail and the tip. After applying a base coat, the guides are applied and then white is painted on the tips and a pale shade on the base, followed by a top coat. And just like that, a stunning and simple French manicure is complete.

If a classic French mani feels a little too, well, classic, switch things up with brightly colored tips. A mix of fun colors on each finger makes it even more fun. French manicure designs are always in trend! We all ladies love them, but the traditional design becomes a bit boring in a while. As the real fashionistas, we like experiments and change, and this concerns our French mani, too. So, we read your thoughts and we are here to satisfy your urge to get something new.

Paradise Nail Spa near me Fort Myers - Nail salon 33913 : Adding color to your French tips instead of always getting neutral or white colors will make getting your nails done so much more exciting!

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